Colt Cabana Bio

Colt Cabana began his professional wrestling career in ROH, where he was placed in a rivalry with CM Punk before uniting with Punk and Ace Steel to form the Second City Saints alliance. He later formed a tag team with Punk to win the World Tag Team Championship twice. He also had rivalries with Homicide and then-World Champion Bryan Danielson. He has also toured in countries outside of the United States, and he was a part of the short lived Wrestling Society X on MTV in late 2006, where he portrayed an "old school" wrestling persona. In 2007, he left ROH to wrestle in Ohio Valley Wrestling, a developmental territory of World Wrestling Entertainment, where he won the Television Championship once and the Southern Tag Team Championship twice. He was called up to the WWE in 2008. Cabana now appears on Ring of Honor Wrestling, ROH's television program and is one of the top stars in the company.

Ring of Honor

He broke into Ring of Honor Former WWE Champion CM Punk's rival before joining Punk's alliance, the Second City Saints. Cabana and Punk later became two-time ROH Tag Team Champions. Cabana feuded also feuded with Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness and Homicide.

Colt Cabana challenged the ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson for the World Championship at Ring of Honor's 100th show on April 22, 2006 in Philadelphia. The two ended their feud with a 60-minute time limit draw in a two out of three falls match, with each wrestler earning one fall.

At Good Times, Great Memories (named in his honor), held on April 28 in Chicago, Cabana defeated long-time friend and fellow Chicago wrestler Adam Pearce.

Wrestling Society X

In November 2006, Colt taped several matches for Wrestling Society X (WSX), a new wrestling series on MTV. He competed under the name Matt Classic, who is a throwback to the wrestlers of the 1950s and 1960s. His gimmick used "old school" moves such as the skull vice and the abdominal stretch as finishers. To further enhance his gimmick as an old school wrestler, his WSX profile listed him as having won the Heavyweight Championship in 1952 (28 years before he was born).

Outside the US

In 2004 and 2005, Colt went on extensive tours of Europe, competing in Scotland, Germany and France, but mainly England. He received the 2004 Match of the Year in a European rounds style bout with World of Sport journeyman, Johnny Kidd. Cabana also did a short tour of Puerto Rico for IWA PR in early 2005. During 2006, Cabana would become a popular wrestler in the British promotion 1 Pro Wrestling (1PW) often tag teaming with Darren Burridge as Team SHAG (Street Hooligans Adventure Gang).

Cabana also made his Japanese debut for Zero 1 Max in 2006.

On April 30, 2010 Cabana made his Australian debut. Cabana won a two day tournament to become the winner of the NHPW Global Conflict Shield. Cabana beat Balls Mahoney in the finals.

September 4, 2010 saw Colt debut in Mexico City, Mexico for the IWL promotion.

World Wrestling Entertainment

On April 3, 2007 it was announced that Colt had signed a contract with WWE. He was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling, their developmental territory, and made his debut at a TV taping on May 30. When OVW was replaced by Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as the WWE developmental territory, Cabana was moved down to FCW.

On the August 15, 2008 episode of SmackDown, Colt made his debut as Scotty Goldman, against to The Brian Kendrick. Colt remained on the SmackDown Brand thoughout is WWE stint. Colt had a show on, called Good as Goldman.

Return Ring of Honor

In March 2009, he made his surprise return to ROH. In a tag team match at the 7th Anniversary Show. Cabana received an ROH World Title shot against Jerry Lynn. Cabana appears on Ring of Honor Wrestling, ROH's television program and is now one of the top stars in the company.

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